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Set In stone by Stela Brinzeanu pb

Set In stone by Stela Brinzeanu pb

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In a world where a woman’s fate is determined by religion and class, two women fall in love – the start of a blazing rebellion against their families, the law, and the all-powerful church.

Elina and Mira live in a society where women are simultaneously suppressed and feared, and the closer they become the more sacrifices they have to make. While Elina fights to inherit her father’s land, Mira’s rejection of society’s norms puts her life in grave danger. When a local mason asks Mira for her hand in marriage, it forces them to finally act on their swelling, secret love.

Set in Stone is an irresistible tale of forbidden passion and unyielding defiance. This captivating historical journey is a testament to forging one’s path, defying patriarchal norms, and the unbreakable bond of two women who refused to be confined by the world’s expectations.

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